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We took the Fiesta to the dyno a little while back and thought that it needed just a little bit more power so we wanted to install some performance parts. We looked to mountune to get the job done! We have done a lot of research into all of the options available for our little Fiestas and mountune seems like they have the most experience and knowledge about this platform. They have been modifying The Ford Focus and Ford Fiestas for years.

We gathered up some of the parts we have here, in stock and installed them. We got the quick shift bracket, the intercooler and the intake! Since we were installing these parts, we wanted to give you guys a fairly comprehensive installation guide so you have something to use for informational purposed when installing your parts. We will continue to give you guys these informational how-to’s as we build our Fiesta. We look forward to giving all of you guys some great information and have fun installing these great products on this car.

As we go along, we will give you some before and after data that we observe on our particular Fiesta (your experience may vary). We are excited to see just what we can do with this car, both on the track and on the dyno!

Here’s a shot of everything we are installing this time around. From left to right we have the front mount intercooler, then the intake, and lastly, the quick shift bracket all from mountune performance.

In this write-up we will be installing the mountune induction kit.

Here’s a little blurb from mountune about it:

The mountune Fiesta ST Induction Upgrade includes a uniquely constructed aluminum air box with a secondary cold air feed point. Additionally, the air box has been engineered with features that reduce the delta pressure drop by 2kPa that when coupled with the included K&N air filter, provide a 21% increase in airflow. The mountune Fiesta ST Induction Upgrade provides the foundation for further performance upgrades with an engineered approach that retains the OE appearance and reliability while providing a rich, deep induction note that reflects performance.

• Powder coated aluminum air box base
• K&N high flow air filter
• Additional cold air feed
• Easy installation
• Retains original air box cover
• Compatible with Ford "FGEK" ECU (USA Only)
And here is some technical information:
Mfgr. Warranty:12 Month/ 12,000 Miles
Filter Color:Red
Filter Element Type:Wet
Filter Material:Cotton
Filter Reusable:Yes
Box Color:Silver

For more information about this intake, click here: mountune Induction Upgrade Ford Fiesta ST 2014 2364-CAIS-AA at

Let’s take a look at what we have here, first thing we need to do, is remove the engine cover.

You can see here, the few things we need to get loose to remove the factory air box. This will give you an idea of the location under the hood.

We completely removed the lower portion of the air inlet hose. We started by removing the PCV clip

Then we loosened the worm gear clamp and took the end off of the air box.

Next we loosened the other end and took the hose out.

Now we have that out of the way, we’ll need to unplug the MAF sensor plug on the air box You’ll have to pry the red clip upwards to release the clip.

Now you can just squeeze and pull it right off.

Next, we can remove the torx screw holding the air box in place.

Pull the cold air feed duct off the front of the car simply by pulling it back.

Now the air box will pull out. Lift it up and move it back and wiggle it back and forth to release it from the rubber grommet seats and it will pull right out. The box is huge! We were surprised when we pulled it out.

Now, we took the lid off of the air box with it out of the car on a bench. You may opt to do this while it’s still in the car. It was just easier for us to demonstrate it for you on the bench. Here’s the box on our bench illustrating the location of the four screws that have to come out to get the top of the air box off.

Now we need to take the snorkel out of the stock air box and put it in the mountune unit. It takes a bit of persistence to get it in the mountune air box, but it pops right out of the factory box.

Now you will want to run your soft inlet hose into the fender right above the fog light, run it down the hole where the old air box was and feed through the drivers fender from underneath. You will see just how to install it once you get under there.

Then around the body like this, this isn’t a very good picture of just where it runs, but you will understand once you get under there.

Stuff it in the fender air space

Now you will want to install the other end to the air box with the supplied work gear clamp.

Push the mountune air box down in place; you will have to push a little on the backside to get the pins to slide into the rubber grommet seats. Once you get it in there, it should look something like this.


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Take the retainer hardware from the factory air box and bolt the front of the mountune air box down.

Now run the torx bolt in the bracket and thread it in, don’t tighten it down till everything else is finished.

Drop the K&N filter in place. It should slip right into the air box with no effort

Next, we can put the factory air box lid in place, using the provided torx bolts shown here. When tightening these, the lid should bend slightly, don’t over tighten!

Plug in your sensor, and hoses and you’re all done!

Ok, so on to impressions. I would say there probably is very little if any horsepower increase with this intake without a tune to go with it. The sound is pretty awesome though! You can hear the turbo spooling up, and can plainly hear the factory bypass valve working. All in all, it is a good upgrade, we can’t wait to get the Accessport installed to see how much more power we can make! Thanks for reading, watch for more installations in the near future!


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So was there any hp gains at all from this intake ?

Honestly, without a tune, installing aftermarket parts isn't going to net much, if any hp over stock. The computer has torque targets that keeps the power in check so until you install a tune of some sort, there will be very little hp difference.

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