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We took the Fiesta to the dyno a little while back and thought that it needed just a little bit more power so we wanted to install some performance parts. We looked to mountune to get the job done! We have done a lot of research into all of the options available for our little Fiestas and mountune seems like they have the most experience and knowledge about this platform. They have been modifying The Ford Focus and Ford Fiestas for years.

We gathered up some of the parts we have here, in stock and installed them. We got the quick shift bracket, the intercooler and the intake! Since we were installing these parts, we wanted to give you guys a fairly comprehensive installation guides so you have something to use for informational purposes when installing your parts. We will continue to give you guys these informational how-to’s as we build our Fiesta. We look forward to giving all of you guys some great information and have fun installing these great products on this car.

As we go along, we will give you some before and after data that we observe on our particular Fiesta (your experience may vary). We are excited to see just what we can do with this car, both on the track and on the dyno!

In this write-up we will be installing the mountune quick shift bracket. I have read a few people having difficulty with this installation, hopefully this will help clear up any questions you may have.

Here’s a little blurb about it from mountune:
A shorter and crisper shifter throw provides a positive driving experience on the Fiesta ST. After considerable evaluation and input, mountune engineers determined the optimum reduction for the Fiesta ST shifter to be at 30%. This amount allows a sportier driving experience while maintaining an OE quality and feel with minimal stress on the OE shift components. Machined from solid aluminum to OE tolerances, the mountune quick shift is easily installed and functions to OE specifications.

• Easy installation
• Direct replacement for factory part
• Nickel plated finish to ensure against corrosion
• Installation tool included for easy installation

Here’s some technical information:

Mfgr. Warranty:12 Month/ 12,000 Miles
Installation Hardware Included:Yes

For more information on this product, check It out here:

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to the install! After gathering the small amount of hand tools together, we want to start by pulling off the engine cover to give us some more room to work with

Now we have easier access to the clamps and bolts and plugs!

Squeeze the hose connector and pull it off on the side of the inlet hose

Now loosen the clamp that goes to the air box and pull the hose back.

Next, loosen the clamp by the firewall.

Unplug the MAF sensor plug by first prying the red clip back, then squeezing the retainer and pull the hose out.

This little tool is what we are going to use to remove the factory ball stud on the shift arm, it’s awesome that mountune gives you the tools to do the job right!

Let’s get that air box out of the way. Take the torx bolt out of the front of the air box

Separate the upper air feed by pulling it away from the front of the car and the air box should pull right out. Keep in mind, there are 2 rubber grommet seats on the lower rear portion of the air box that hold it in place. Just wiggle it a little and it will come right out.

Pop the shift cable off the ball stud then slide the tool over the it like this.

Now you’ll want to tighten the tools nut onto the sleeve like this

Now, get your wrench and socket on it the tool and work the bolt and nut till you get the ball stud out.

Now, here, we made a little mistake, and I think it was a good thing we did so we can pass on the information to you! We put the allen headed bolt in the top at first, when we found out that it was supposed to go in from the bottom. SO, heed our warning and put the bolt in from the bottom. We found out rather quickly that it did not go in this way, but just to save you the time, the bolt goes in from the bottom.

Here it is in place with the bolt in the wrong way.

Here it is after we placed it the correct way. Obvious that it goes in this way, after the fact.

Now I have to say, this was a pain to get that bolt up in there and tighten it up, it’s definitely do-able, but it’s going to take you some time and patience to get it tight. There isn’t a whole lot of room and I don’t have small hands.

Next you’ll want to tighten the two allen set screws on either side of the bracket to keep it from moving around.

Now we can pop the shift cable back in place and re-install the air box in the reverse of removal and you’re done!

The shifting is noticeably shorter, it feels great! It feels just how I would think it should from the factory. Nice, tight, short shifts for a good track experience.
Thanks for reading, and watch for more installations on our shop Fiesta in the near future!


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A quick tip to add to this instructional thread:
Modify your allen key, trust me it will save you from this

when I say modify your allen key I mean something like this one shown beside a regular size one

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Very helpful, much more so than the provided instructions. Definitely want to modify the Allen key, that thing was horrible to screw in with a full size one. I also used a 5mm allen key bit for a screwdriver and it made life a lot easier to get it most of the way in.

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Thanks for posting. Great write up

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It’s not that it’s difficult, it’s just some of the steps take a long time to figure out how to do efficiently/correctly... Lol I spent an hour trying to figure out how to screw in a screw, and once I had the technique down it took all of 5 minutes.

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Looks very similar to the Boomba which took me maybe 15 minutes, including shifter cable bushings. The shifter base bushings on the other hand, holy hell, the whole center of the car has to come out.

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