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Evening all!

Hope your all well?

So got some interesting faults happening on the car, its a 2013 st2 with 41k on the clock (timing belt etc is due as its coming up on 8 years old), induction kit and stage 1 remap and a few other mods all done before we purchased it.
Misses uses it for mobile hairdressing........

So we were driving it back few weeks ago and the car began to drop revs and bottom out firstly in 3rd gear dropping from 3k to almost 0 few seconds of gas power returns, then didnt happen again for another two weeks but during this time i notice when the car was at idle its idle revs would change every few minutes, 1100 revs when started even when warm, then would go down to 900 and sit around there, i also started smelling more fuel from the exhaust aswell, so a few weeks pass and i try to get some live data readings, one thing i noticed was losing telemetry from either the MAP or MAF sensor mid drive, i would just stop receiving data for one of these sensors, and the problem persists now more frequent sometimes stalling approaching lights, got home ran the scanner and got these codes - P1299, P06A8, P0251, all inactive, as the spark plugs, oil n brakes were due i changed cleaned the filter and reoiled it (couldn't find much info on the 06a8 code) contacted garage and waiting for a call back, but want to try and tackle this myself, so after i did the service, cleaned the MAP/MAF sensors etc took the car for a test drive and same again loss of power through any gear at any rev, take the car back home run the scanner again and no codes accept the P06A8,
Following day i take it to a friend who has a snap on scanner, and some experience all though not much as hes still a pup and the hope was maybe his scanner would show something mine wouldn't or he would see something, so i drove down to the farm and started slowly creeping over the water filled pot holes within a few minutes same issue, began struggling to even keep the engine from stalling without over revving it then car dies, it continues to do this the next 200m to the yard,

i pull up explain it was just doing it and he plugs the device in, goes to start the engine it starts but the rev counter doesnt move at all, the car also sounds like its running at 100 revs almost stalling or maybe firing on a few cylinders only, pressing the foot pedal to the floor only increases the engines revs by a few hundred rpm and that's a guess just from the slight increase in engine noise, the car then shows these fault codes - again P06A8, P1588-07 and camshaft position sensor, (forgot to write the code i remember seeing it) turned off the ignition as his device lost connection to the obd port and tried to restart and now the car failed to start showing - P06A8 and P2119-77, whilst we tinkered maybe 10/15 mins the battery died,
as it was nearly 9pm we called it a night as he was towing me home, as the windows were still down i charged the battery so i could get them up and thought id try the car, started first time with only the code P06A8, i laughed and locked up the car,

ive ordered a new MAP and MAF sensor and ill get the car booked in for the timing belt, im just wondering if there is anything else im missing or should have done, manual says gear box oil change and check valve clearance too

thanks in advance


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