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My new ST

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I want to introduce myself and my new ST. I picked up last weekend and already added 600 careful miles. Very happy so far.
Car only options are the MO and the moonroof.
This pic was takes last weekend. I picked it up from the dealership. Car had 12 miles and never driven before and never washed.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive design

This is from today. After my first mods
1. Spare delete
2. Cut and flanged the muffler
3. Plastic dip the rims black
4. Orange seat covers
5. Winter tires ready to be mounted
6. Rubber floormats

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Hatchback

Hope to make same friends and learn something new everyday
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I like the black wheels. My car is MO also. My plan is to buy an aftermarket set of wheels so I can get a lighter set and install some 215s in hope of maybe adding a little more traction. You need to tint the windows. I did that on mine and it really sets the car off. put Orange seat covers on top of your Molten Orange seats? put Orange seat covers on top of your Molten Orange seats?
it doesnt look like he has the recaros
your on the ford st forum right? i think i asked you about your wheels lol looks good boss
My fault...when he said MO and roof option i thought he meant seats....

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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