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Alright guys, i used to do this with the Aleromod guys back in the day, made a lot of close friends and had a ton of laughs and i know i can do it here. I used to organize and host meetups and cruise nights on the old forums and i know i can do it here, Summertime is fast approaching (oh god please i hate this cold) and i want to get out there and meet and hang with some other FiST owners here in the north. How many of you in NY/MA/VT/CT/ME/NH would like to get together a couple times this summer and cruise along the coast and show off our cars, go to the Berkshires in western MA and canyon carve, or simply park and chat? Also, Photoshoots! Anyone who is interested let me know, i want to get the ball rolling and show off our sweet rides to the Camry and Civic drivers out there. And for anyone who is into racing, Lee USA speedway and New England Dragway is a must! Discuss.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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