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New St owner - OLD FORD guy

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just wanted to say HI - new member - old Ford guy

Have a 2014 BLUE FIESTA ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - cloth seats - no nav

Love it - as fast as any of my FOX 5.0's where

See lots of potential in this car

556 miles so far - 27MPG - and not being easy on it

First car since my SALEEN that I felt to join a forum

Hope to make friends - give advice - and learn

will be posting in other sections soon -

Sorry admins in advance - old guy - think I already forgot my password

Looking forward to learning where to get performance parts - so far no luck - but seen a vid of a K&N filter box that looks promising

That is all for now - if you want to know more about me ask - or look at my vids/home page

Thanks admins and community for having such a great place for us to find out more about our cars - what others are doing - and how to improve them

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I used to have a 93 fox 5.0. This car is no where near as fast tho. :rolleyes:

Welcome aboard! You're gonna love this car.
I just joined tonight, and boy am I glad that there is another old guy in Central Jersey here. We can talk cars while keeping these kids off of our lawns.
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