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So, I went to the Ford customer focus group last weekend. I spoke with many of the engineers and mentioned the fact that the car was making a low grinding noise when backing up and steering (think, backing out of a parking space) the sound decreases as steering input is lessened.

The engineer and area rep were very good about helping to get the car looked at. They even called my dealer to setup the appointment.

I took the car in on Monday. And the word back from Ford is that it's just the way that the electric steering is and is not a repairable thing. They also do not recommend using full steering lock for more than two seconds as it could lead to steering assist failure due to excessive heat.

Has any one else noticed this sound when backing up? or even moving forward at slow speeds and lots of steering lock?

Now, to get the rattling windows and b pillar interior molding/seat belt mounting fixed.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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