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Hi All,
Following the fairly well known ODBII vulnerability on Fords, I thought I'd do something to make a thief's life a little harder with my ST.
As background, you might want to watch this: Viper Car Alarms | Stolen ford focus RS & ST Fiesta RS & ST Key cloning OBD port immobiliser Car Alarms | Fiesta ST obd port viper upgrade alarm system
Materials needed:

  • *ABS Project box - I picked one from Maplin that's large enough to accommodate my Bluetooth ODBII adaptor - the one I used is Maplin part number BZ3Q. Smaller ones are available, as are aluminium ones. Just bear in mind that if you're putting a wireless ODBII reader inside that a metal box will block the signal!
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • 20mm drillbit
  • Dremel cutting disk and sanding drum
First off, open the compartment to the right hand side of the steering wheel, squeeze the sides together until you can drop it completely down.
You'll see the white ODBII port at the top. Notice that there's a small clip connector that if you push with a flat blade screwdriver allows you to remove the port itself from the bracket:

Here you can see the bracket left behind where the ODBII connector used to be.
I then took my project box

and drilled a 20mm hole, then used a cutting disk to create an opening for the ODBII cable.

Sand off the rough edges with a sanding drum:

Now place the ODBII port (and in my case my Bluetooth adaptor) within the project box and screw the lid on - I used security screws for this to make life trickier but you may want to just use the crosshead screws supplied with the box:

Once the lid is screwed on, the entire box can neatly be slid back into the aperture and sit on top of the metal frame that surrounds the cubby hole - it lays flat, longways, above the top of the cubby very neatly - it's quite a snug fit and doesn't rattle.
Now, obviously this isn't going to stop a determined thief, but it is going to make life difficult for a quick and quiet theft. You have to find the box, you have to have tools to open it (even though it's ABS plastic it's very strong and given the placement cracking it open without undoing the security screws would be very difficult) - all of which is going to make a thief's life harder.
Given the usual method of stealing Fords is to break the window near the quarterlight where the alarm sensors will not pick up the motion, press ignition to power up the ODBII port and insert the hacking tool, then disarm the car - this way there's no way that anyone is going to be able to get to the ODBII port without at the very least opening the door and setting the alarm off...

Total cost for a bit more peace of mind: £5.37.
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