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I am swapping a US Spec. 2014 Fiesta ST power pack (engine + trans) into a kit car chassis. I am trying to use the stock wiring harnesses and engine management systems. I have the stock PCM, which I am hoping to use, and for now at least the factory BJB, but I do NOT have the BCM.

Currently, with my on the bench wiring, of VBATT and KO (not yet tried START):
  • I get alive on the IPC, including the wake-up chime tone.
  • The scan tool (I am using FORscan), via the DLC, gets DTCs from the PCM, the IPC and generic OBDII codes.

Here's my questions: The BCM send a PCM WU (Wake-Up) signal to the PCM. Does anyone know:
1) Do I need PCM WU to start and run the engine?

2) If yes, then what is the nature of that signal?
- Reading some pinpoint test descriptions, I suspect it's more than just VREF or a simple voltage/ground.
-- How might I fabricate/generate it
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