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I painted one wheel about two weeks back and failed miserably, kept getting bubbles appearing and when I tried to fill them in with more paint it started running.
It was all due to impatience, I didn’t leave enough time between coats, and each coat I made too heavy.

When I took my time last weekend, used five light coats with 30 mins between each the other three wheels came out really well, no bubbles at all. One other thing that may have helped is that for the first wheel I used a cold can straight out of the garage, but for the others I put the cans in the sun for a while to warm them up first (tip I picked up on youtube)
Also, I didn’t spray paint the callipers, I couldn’t be bothered masking everything up, so I sprayed the rattle can into the lid and painted them with a paintbrush, came out really good.

Things I Learnt:
1. Jacking up the front of the Fist sucks
2. Many light coats of plastdip is how you do it
3. The Plastidip “Glossifier” is pretty much useless, after three very heavy coats you wouldn’t even be able to tell it was there, and it does nothing to protect the paint from brake dust
4. These white wheels are never going to stay even slightly clean
5. The rubbery texture of the plastidip makes the brake dust stick to it like a leech on a pigs ass, even wheel cleaner has no effect.
6. Plastidip tears SO easily, I was as careful as humanly possible tightening the wheel nuts and still tore the paint in a few places.
7. Although the plastidip peels away easily near the edge of the rim, it sticks to all the bumps of text and to the edge of the tread, really hard to get off, I'd suggest masking the wheels, I coated the tyre in a wax oil thing that was meant to help the dip peel off but it wasnt effective.
8. People don’t like white wheels... Its been three days since I did it and iv copped heaps of flak, even from randoms.

However, its my car! and I love it :D

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