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Nice,looks like we were at the same event at the same time. It was good fun.

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Recommend "California medicine" for sleep issues :)

Sweet video, looked like a lot of fun.
believe it or not that wasn't helping either

and that usually helps most physical ailments. i tell you what, it is legit medicine, i wouldn't have been able to have recover from my motorcycle accident anywhere near as quickly as I did without it - from wheelchair bound w/pelvis busted in 4 places to walking again in under 4mos
and thanks to my cali meds, i didn't need to take the oxycontin-derived norco, which caused other side effects that were awful. knockin off the norco basically meant i didn't need about half the things i was rx'd - i kept to my antibiotics and anti inflammatories but REALLY wanted to avoid getting addicted to opiates, so i wanted off ASAP

for perspective, another rider friend had his LH leg busted to shit about the same time but was on opiate derived meds and took about nine months longer to recover from injuries that should've taken about the same time to heal
and he was miserable all the time

I, on the other hand, was in positive spirits even tho i was in a chair all day
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