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So apparently tuning a modern car is nothing like an old carbed bike. I got an AP, then AT, basically Frankensteined the OTS stage 1 91 oct map. Several pulls and no negative corrections, so TIP ceiling got +1psi. Timing is +1 throughout on oar table, to be safe. Ive made idle and throttle changes too, not to torque request though. Running 93oct gas, top tier only. Not bad for 55k miles. I love my new throttle mapping, problem is this...


See how I get a rev spike on clutch in? Even if I don't touch the clutch I can feel it continuing to somewhat pull, consistently, after mid-high load pulls.
In the past, if I want a quicker drop to idle, id just richen my idle mixture... on my old bike.
Not so much here. But even with fueling changes reverted this still happens.
My main and only theory is, as you can see, the injectors are still squirting during the spike. As soon as shift logic fuel shutoff hits, pwm drops along with rpm. Is it possible my CPP switch is out of adjustment, if it has an adjuster? Would playing with transient fuel decel get me results?

The cars a daily driver, so Ive been playing a lot with driveability edits. I've spent hrs upon hrs analyzing my logs and connecting the dots. I have an obsession with changing stuff... Cant wait to play with the Cobb TC in the snow with my snow tires on.

I know there's a lot it COULD be, but theories from the "boost educated" would be fancy.
And please dont say its my clutch timing. Been driving standard for almost 15yrs, never had this issue until a tune, and these cars rev hang pretty bad anyway.



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