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Yesterday a friend and I went to the Seattle Int'l Auto Show and was hoping to get to check out a Fiesta ST in person. Unfortunately they didn't have one available.

I did get the chance to spend quite a bit of time with a Focus ST, among other currently available affordable sports cars (Hyundai Genesis, Subaru STi, Civic Si coupe, Subaru BRZ, Scion FRS, Nismo 370Z). Some things that were notable, I found the quality of interior materials, and the fit and finish of the Focus ST better than most of the other cars I checked out, and notably, the much more expensive STi :cool:. Also, the Recaros in the ST were some of the best, most supportive seats I sat in all day.

Ford also gave visitors the chance to drive a Focus ST, Ford Raptor, or other models inside of Safeco Field, which of course I took advantage of. The clutch take-up, shifter feel, and brakes were excellent. I can't wait to drive a FiST, if the build quality of these is in the neighborhood as that of the Focus ST.

Also, anyone on the fence about the Recaros, BUY THEM. They are well worth the money. :D
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