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Hey, I work over in La Habra at a place called ModBargains. While we normally do BMWs, Audis and high end euro and Domestic vehicles, we now do Fiesta ST stuff. We're in La Habra on Lambert Rd at Harbor Blvd not far from the 626 and have a full service install shop with a good rate. We can do basic maintenance services like oil changes, tire rotations, brakes, wheels/tires, we also specialize in doing more complex stuff like Eibach or H&R or Vogtland Springs, Coilovers, Exhausts, Downpipes, Intercoolers, etc. I trust the mechanics here, and that's saying something. I have been an installer myself and Dave has his shit down pat and is very detail oriented. What's more, you can trust that we're not gonna fuck up your car or pull any stunts with it.

Also, if you come in to ModBargains for install you can bet I'll probably photograph your car and share it on facebook etc. Free photoshoot for you. Or if you don't feel like it you can just peace-out.

We're actually expanding a lot over here - we're a big Cobb Distributor and specialist and are actually having an AWD Dyno installed this week - which will be up and running in about a month.

And we're adding a paint booth and alignment rack.

I really like working somewhere that I can feel good about and take pride in being at, and I will happily show you my FiST parked proudly in the lot. To be clear, I'm not the Forum rep for ModBargains, it just happens to be my day job, I'm a Fiesta ST enthusiast first, and I can give you my word that your car's well looked after.

What services were you looking to have done to your Fiesta?

If yours is new, I would suggest you start by checking and tightening the 10 or so hose clamps that run along the intake/charge pipe system - you can access everything with the bumper still on without an issue. I did it myself with hand tools and a floor jack in about 30m. If you're not sure where those are, you can also pop by the shop and I can point out where all of those are on your car for you - no charge or anything.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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