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I specialize in automotive sound deadening, my 43' toyhauler I bought to put the ST in is towed with a 2012 Duramax dually and you can barely ever hear the engine, as an example in what I can do but weight was not much of an issue with nearly 30,000 lbs on the road.


ST: This is on heck of a little pocket rocket and weight added is the enemy to all areas of performance so I will do a very very careful job to add the least amount required.

The hatch area really needs some work but fortunately most all the metal areas are small, bent, curved, etc greatly stiffening them so not a lot of mat type products will be needed.

Any larger areas, possible hatch door but not likely, doors for sure, aluminum channels bonded to them will take care of most of the lower frequencies with little added weight. Lots of 1/8" thermal/acoustical foam will be used and some areas will get some 2" thick pure acoustical foam as well like inside the rear qtr panels, under the seats, dash, etc.

My target weight gain is under 10 lbs but if it grows even to 15 that is marginal for the huge improvements it will make in road noise and thermally as well.

Since I am going to put in a light weight battery, build a lighter exhaust, intake, etc....and remove all else unneeded the car will weight less than stock and have a little better front to rear balance.

I will figure out a decent sounding very low weight sub setup, considering ditching the spare and carrying a small compressor and patch kit as I have done on many cars including highly modded Vettes, the sub would weigh less than the spare tire.


That is it for now, I have two cars to get put together to sell, a third in storage, a house to ready to sell, etc.....going full time RV soon, Duramax, ST(hauled it back from CA border to UT in the trailer) Voltage toyhauer.

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