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After finding the factory setup wanting, I have installed a new set of speakers.

I put Kicker CompVT 08CVT654 (6.5" subwoofers) in the rear doors. Big bass improvement even without amplification. I removed the factory speaker from the adapter and used it to mount the Kicker.
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I put Infinity Primus PR6500cs (6.5" woofer with separate tweeter) in the front doors. I removed the factory speaker from the adapter and used it to mount the Infinity. I hot glued the crossover in an open area on the door. I removed the factory tweeter and hot glued the new one in.
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And I have aRockford Fosgate R2S-1X10 Prime R2S Single 10-Inch Shallow Loaded Enclosure under the rear floor waiting for next weeks amplifier install.
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Ok, I finally got around to installing the amp and subwoofer.
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The subwoofer does not touch the false bottom panel. I just have it laying on the spare and it the carpet is enough to keep it from sliding around.
The Amp is a JBL GTO-5EZ 5 Channel Amplifier. It is good for an install like this because it helps you properly adjust the gain and you don't need a remote turn on.
There were two painful parts to this install. One was running the power wire. I ran it through the side instead of the firewall.
The other part was running the speaker wires. I know there is an easier way, but I ran lead wires from the head unit to rca converters near the amp. Then I ran the speaker wires from the amp back to the factor wires behind the head unit.
So that was eight sets of wires, (Painful process).
I am pleased with the result. Now there is ample bass (for me) and a descent stage upfront. I did put dynomat on the doors so there is not very much panel vibration.

I used this for the speaker wire colors:
Car Radio Battery Constant 12v+ Wire: Yellow/Red
Car Radio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: Brown/White
Car Radio Ground Wire: Black/Blue
Car Radio Illumination Wire: Blue
Car Stereo Dimmer Wire: N/A
Car Stereo Power Antenna Trigger Wire: N/A
Car Stereo Amp Trigger Wire: N/A
Car Stereo Amplifier Location: N/A
Car Audio Front Speakers Size: N/A
Car Audio Front Speakers Location: N/A
Left Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): White
Left Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): White/Brown
Right Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): White/Violet
Right Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): White/Orange
Car Audio Rear Speakers Size: N/A
Car Audio Rear Speakers Location: N/A
Left Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): White/Green
Left Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Brown/Yellow
Right Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Brown/White
Right Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Brown/Blue

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Looks nice and clean. I may have to do something like this one day when I'm done with the usual mods. Frankly, I'm a bit disappointed in the Sony sound system. The Bose in my Mazdaspeed was much better and the new system in my wife's Kia is outstanding.

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How deep is the false trunk floor?? I have an existing speakerbox from my old Supra, I dont get the car till tomm afternoon, wanted to purchase all the things need for a quick amp/subwoofer install. If I can use what i got, then I will. :)

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I can appreciate a good sound system. For the me the factory set up sounds pretty good. I did grow up listening to a the factory '85 Mustang GT stereo. Now that is a system that needed some major help. That is probably why like the factory Fiesta ST system.

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I find the system ok there is room for improvement tho bass surely needs improving highs and mids are OK but I bet that with better speakers sound would be more crisp and clean. Any idea on how much power is the stereo delivering to the speakers? I am thinking of just upgrading speakers if stereo is at least giving 50w and adding a sub with an amp. If less than 50 I might add an amp just for the speakers and a second one for the sub. I am considering the Rockford fosgate 12 inch shallow enclosure. The enclosure is very big and wide. Am thing of putting in against the rear seats on the back. Due to the angle of the enclosure.

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Hey guys, just wanted to confirm the speaker size back and front is 6.5"? I want to order 4x JL C3 6.5" splits but don't seem to get any info re what size I need.

i saw in the first post that 6.5" is the size for both back and front but just want to be sure.

And also.. what is the tweeter size? I am thinking getting JL C3-650 and they have 1" tweeter, not sure if it will fit though..
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