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Hey all San Diego folks --

A handful of us FocusST owners that enjoy good beer have arranged a meet-up at Stone Brewery in Escondido.
We've got about 10 FST's coming, and I thought I would extend the invitation to the local FiST owners as well.

Location will be Stone Brewery in Escondido.

They open up at 11am and parking tends to get scarce shortly thereafter.

Scheduled for Sunday, April 13th around 10am.

This should allow us enough time for folks to get there, park, and have a small meet and greet. Remember, the brewery opens at 11am.
We have a brewery tour in the works as well, but not confirmed yet as of now.
Don't be shy! It's going to be good fun and great company

FYI I am not condoning drinking and driving. This is for us local beer & car enthusiasts. Please make good choices.
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