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Thinking about changing my order, is it too late?

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So i ordered a PB FiST last week and i'm considering Envy Green. Is it too late to change the order? Also, what do you guys think about EG?
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If you don't have a VIN you may be able too change.. Color is a personal choice I have seen the Green in person and it looked good on the car . I however am not a green car person so I went with PB just cuz I was tired of Black .. there are no wrong colors with this car only missing colors like Blackberry pearl or a Matte color ;)

I just called them today. I'm getting a green car :D
Glad it worked out for ya :) now a few more months and it should be here :rolleyes:

EG looks great on the FiST! I was considering it, but didn't want to attract unwanted attention.
Thanks guys, i should be getting it soon, just in time to take pics of it poking out of the snow. :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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