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Cool, I love the wheels on the Molten Orange ST. What size and make are they? I should come with you guys once I am broken in.

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I am not sure how but I think they have their markers on and fogs engaged but headlights off. It is a factory setting, I know for sure the other PB FiST hasn't modified that.

The Molten Orange ST is Dave aka D1JL from - Dave's Side Rocker Extensions aka Side Skirt Diffusers are by Bojix Design.
Dave runs 17" Ford Racing/SVT Focus Style wheels in black with an orange vinyl pinstripe and ST logo centercap 3-layer vinyls.

The front splitter on Dave's car is the Triple R Composites lip in FRP.
The front lip on Derek's PB FiST (the one with the 18" DPE Noble Wheels off the FiST FSwerks SEMA car) is standard "universal fit lip" stuff that comes in a roll.

As my handle might lead you to guess, my FiST is blue
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