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Transmission Fluid Synopsis

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As many of you are aware, the FiST owner’s manual specifies Motorcraft XT-11-QDC transmission fluid meeting Ford Specification WSS-M2C200-D2. The merits of using other fluids have been debated in at least 4 threads on this forum, Focus forums, Mustang forums etc.

Given the unknown service history of our B6 transmission, I planned on using the specified fluid. Easier said than done. The online Motorcraft Master Manual Transmission chart doesn’t even show spec WSS-M2C200-D2 fluid! Various online vendors have offered XT-11-QDC with varying list specifications (WSD-**, WSR-**, etc). After spending more time than I care to admit, I spoke to the lubricant expert at Ford HQ in Detroit.

Much of the confusion has resulted from Ford moving to “One World” and changing some of their designations. Another issue is that this is a very low volume item so that it sometimes takes quite a while for new labels to make their way through the system. The bottom line is:

Motorcraft XT-11-QDC labeled as meeting spec WSD-M2C200-D2 is identical to the XT-11-QDC meeting spec WSS-M2C200-D2. These are believed to be the only Ford products that meet the spec for our cars.

Two non-Ford products explicitly state that they meet the WSS-M2C200-D2 spec. These are Volvo Manual Transmission Fluid (#31280771) and Castrol Syntrans FE 75W. In the US, your choices are limited to Ford & Volvo. Castrol US has no plans to import Syntrans.

Motorcraft fluid is available in quart containers. The Volvo fluid is available in 1 and 4 liter containers. I hope this helps.

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I only looked for fluids that explicitly state that they meet Ford Specification WSS-M2C200-D2. I know that many of you like Royal Purple's Synchromax. Royal Purple claims this fluid can replace at least 5 different specification Motorcraft manual transmission fluids. Nowhere do they claim that Synchromax meets Ford the cited Ford spec. Hence, at this time, I am sticking to the brands listed in the original post.
From what I've read across the internets, it seems that trying to use anything else is detrimental as a whole for vehicles using this spec. Apparently it's very similar to Synchromesh but lighter. Not to say that running other fluids will be catastrophic, more that they will just accelerate wear. I haven't found anything other than the three you've listed either.
Pretty sure Castrol makes the motorcraft fluid anyway.
My replacement Engine also has "Castrol oil recommended" on the oil fill cap, instead of "Use 5W-20"
This a great piece of information OP. Thank you!

Do you think there would be any benefit to changing the tranny fluid with fresh stock round about the same time I do the first oil change?
Does anyone know how many quarts our transmissions hold? Is there any type of filter that will need to be cleaned or replaced?
6-Speed Manual Transaxle - B6
Specifications Motorcraft® Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid XT-11-QDC Specifications WSS-M2C200-D2 Litres 1.67 (Dry fill)

Only a fill plug and a drain plug unless you open it up and clean the factory magnet which when I did my LSD, It had only a light coating of gray sludge on it .. about 2500 miles at the time of Diff swap.
Product Auto part Engine

Auto part Engine Automotive engine part
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I was looking into Motul's fluids and found Motul Multi DCF meets the WSS-M2C200-D2 spec. Check it out here.
Ravenol, Motul and several others are now claiming to meet the spec. Castrol (which private labels for Ford) is available outside the U.S. as Syntrans FE75W. It's specs are available at.$File/BPXE-8EGFK8_0.pdf

As you can see there are some viscosity differences. I have no idea of the significance, if any.
You can add Redline's DCTF to the list. It lists Ford/Getrag's old M2C-936A standard but if you look at the Motul link, it is listed together with the current one.
Please be aware that the the Ford WSS-M2C-936-A and WSS-M2C200-D2 specs are different! I know that some providers CLAIM their oil meets both specs but unless it specifically states it meets WSS-M2C200-D2 buyer beware.
^Fair point. It could be a case of the new standard working in place of the old and not the other way around.
This is an excellent thread, thank you OP!
I stopped in a Ford dealership, and the parts man, Ward, contacted Ford and came up with an answer as to the difference between XT-11-QDC bottles labeled specification WSD-M2C200-D2 rather than WSS-M2C200-D2 as the FiST manual calls for. Ward noted he was told there is a misprint on the labels. WSD should read WSS. This will be corrected in future printings.
I've read on this and other sites, that a few transmissions have been replaced on warranty in NA. I'm wondering if Europe, etc., with the 2-door, have a comparable record. I would suspect that such a low-volume tranny would only be made in one place.
I found this fluid. I assume it would be fine to use? It's a German made fluid, the transmission in the Fiesta is a Getrag.


Decently priced just over $42 shipped to eastern NC for 2 liters.

VW Gearbox Oil - VW Manual Transmission Fluid - VW MTF
has anyone check this oil out? is motul but not motul 300

here is the technical data sheet
says it meets Ford WSS-M2C-936-A, WSS-M2C-200-D2 specs, that is on our cars
Thinking it of buying it
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What does Ford NA say about the US fluid being 75w90 and the factory fill/euro fluid being 75w? TBH I have some reservations regarding trusting Ford of NA - it took almost a year to figure out there was no way to reset the oil life monitor on our cars!

In the mean time, I think I'm going to have my WSD DCT fluid swapped out with the Volvo manual fluid come summer.
has anyone check this oil out? is motul but not motul 300

here is the technical data sheet
says it meets Ford WSS-M2C-936-A, WSS-M2C-200-D2 specs, that is on our cars
Thinking it of buying it
That looks like the right stuff.
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