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I really want to buy a FiSt. But It’s the middle of winter and I’m willing to be patient. I drove a 2016 during a recent warm spell. I liked it except that the Heater had the problem that has been reported here and I was undecided on the Recaro seats.

But that’s not what I’m posting about. Because of the heater issue I think that a used 2015 would be the way to go for me. And last weekend my local Ford dealer had a 2015 Fist pop up on its web page.
The window sticker posted says its Molten Orange with the factory stripes (black I assume). It has the painted wheels and the Recaro seats. No moonroof or Nav. 22,000 miles and its Ford Cetified.

Here’s where it gets interesting. has a free CarFax for this car. Assembled and shipped on 10/21/14. Sold as a Lease by Tom Woods Ford in Indianapolis on 5/23/15. Sold at an Auction in Dearborn Michigan on 1/21/16 with 22,000 miles. Nothing else of interest.
So it appears to be a lease that went very bad. Too many miles and only 8 months. This had to be expensive for the original owner.

I have not actually seen the car yet. I suspect its tires will tell a lot. 22,000 miles are a lot of miles for the OEM Bridgestones. But if it still has them and they passed Fords inspection I’d guess that the car did mainly highway miles. Other questions would have to be answered. Will the used seats in the car be more confortable? Are there maintenance records? Do I like the stripes? Does this car have bad Karma or does it just need some love? Any opinions out there?

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