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Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong section? If so, please move it to one you feel is the correct one. But my intention, is to reach the most ST owners with a hopeful advance warning that may prevent someone else from having the same grief, frustrations I am currently going through - AND not even been aware they were possibly getting the wrong replacement parts installed on their beloved FoST or FiST.

In my post about my Fiesta ST being "raped", I had to have the driver's side door glass replaced. Below is an excerpt from what has happened. So far, I have not had the definitive answer to this issue, and some people are working to get me the right answer. When I get it, I will post for all if you to benefit from. Thanks!

In case it gets missed elsewhere? But I really need help with this, please.


My new, 2 week old Fiesta ST was broken into Saturday, and they busted out the driver's side door glass. At first, the sub contracted mobile glass company tried to install a no name Chinese glass, and I refused. My car was only 2 weeks old! They came back with a genuine Carlite Ford branded glass, but it does not have the proper markings on it. Theirs shows Tempered ....2, and no extra NI marking:

All the other glass on my car show Tempered .3, and have this extra NI marking that has to do with the tint, or UV rating? This is what is the right markings:

I am trying to have them get me the right, exact glass installed, but they all keep saying theirs is correct. They called a parts department in Ft Worth, and was told the part number hasn't changed since the Fiesta had been reborn in 2010.

I tried calling Ford Customer Service, but they were no help. Only referred to call the local dealers for help.
So far, a rep from Carlite replied back that the NI (70% minimum rating) imprint was for the Brazilian market. No reply back on what difference there may be between the different tempered rating might mean.

Another reply from a Ford parts person, was that they no longer order/receive glass from the actual Ford parts warehouses. They order from local glass companies. Quite different from when I worked in parts Toyota, Nissan, and BMW dealers in the past (1978-1990). I would also be pretty concerned about this, as not only could there be an issue with the quality of the replacement glass, but both a safety and liability issue as well.

Another thing that has me bothered, is how could a genuine Ford Carlite door glass for a Fiesta, that has been sitting in a glass warehouse for long enough time to gather lots of dust, be the correct one for a Fiesta ST that is just NOW starting to arrive at dealer lots to be sold?

Will update as I learn more. But this is a fair warning for all who love their cars - look CLOSELY at what parts are being used to fix your baby! Accept NO substitutions for genuine parts. Thank you.
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