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In light of the current GM ignition woes, I wanted to find out what happens when the ignition is shutoff in the FiST while the car is still in motion.

When the ignition shuts off, the power steering is still engaged for a few seconds, BUT! it reverts to the amount of assist when the car is not moving or moving at parking lot speeds - the steering is extremely light! After what felt like 5-7 seconds the steering became very heavy, but still manageable.

The brake system still had enough assist to haul the car down to a stop. After that, the brake pedal was no longer assisted and, as one would expect, became very firm and required a good amount of effort to engage.

I would suggest you guys try the experiment out for yourselves in a controlled environment. Just hold the start button down for a few seconds and the ignition will turn off.

Also, having the transmission in gear or in neutral didn't seem to have much effect on how quickly the car decelerated without the brakes helping slow the car down.

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car on, put it in first, get rolling, pop the clutch super quick. Had to do it a million times over in my Focus ST. Pain in the butt but you get used to it. I fixed the main issue so it doesn't stall on it's own anymore (was a wire splice issue) but man... did I get good at bump starting that sucker!
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