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Besides all the obvious performance stuff, I've gotta admit there's 2 little things I absolutely LOVE.
First - the keyless entry/start. I don't know about anybody else, but I commute quite a bit and always have a bag or two in my hands. Digging keys out of my pocket and fumbling with them is an annoyance I'll be happy to be rid of.
Second - the sound symposer. I fully expected to hate this but I think Ford got it just right. If it were a fake tone pumped through the stereo (like other manufacturers do) I'd have to hate it just on principle. The fact that its the actual engine noise being fed into the cabin somehow makes it acceptable.
i'm actually looking forward to the keyless entry/start, never had it before and i HATE fiddling with keys on a cold day!
and never new the symposer was natural noise channeled into the cabin, thought it was artificial. good to know!
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