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For those who love the spirit of the golden era of touring and rallying races of the late ‘80s and ‘90s, Fifteen52 designers have created a perfect line of custom wheels featuring this unique minimalist, race-bred style. Introducing Podium and Chicane light-alloy wheels available in a range of sizes and finishes. They come in Asphalt Black, Frosted Graphite, and Speed Silver variants. Such rims will look great on a sports sedan or coupe, no matter whether you use your car as a daily driver or hit the track.

When bolting up a set of new custom wheels on your vehicle, you can improve its performance and provide more room to accommodate larger brake calipers. Some of the most renowned car collectors, designers, and racers often collaborate with Fifteen52 Wheels because they know that these rims will not only look good on their cars but can also withstand abuse and perform well in the aggressive racing environment. For more detailed information about these wheels, check our new video:

FIFTEEN52® - PODIUM Frosted Graphite

FIFTEEN52® - PODIUM Speed Silver

FIFTEEN52® - CHICANE Asphalt Black

FIFTEEN52® - CHICANE Speed Silver

If you have any questions about fitment and available sizes, ask our specialists at 888.978.3395 or via a live chat at​
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