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Hey guys,

I know this would probably be better served in the "news" section but alas I can't post in there as a lowly regular member and nothing in there satisfies the same purpose as I want for this.

Post up your favourite Fiesta ST reviews - your most informative, detailed or accurate so anyone keen to buy one or consider one can have only the best reviews to read through. I'll post mine first - this is Australia specific as I'm from here. Label yours differently if it is US specific/Europe specific/Australia specific etc etc.

Caradvice Fiesta ST review (Australian):
Ford Fiesta ST Review | CarAdvice

Caradvice Fiesta ST/208 GTI/VW Polo GTi Comparo (Australian):
Hot hatch comparison: Ford Fiesta ST v Peugeot 208 GTi v Volkswagen Polo GTI | CarAdvice

Cheers :)
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